Now Part of Pinmar Dynamics LLC

Pinmar Dynamics LLC recently acquired Motion Lab Systems. Under the new ownership, Pinmar Dynamics LLC is committed to rebuilding and enhancing all existing products offered by Motion Lab Systems. This means that customers can expect a fresh start with improved features, seamless integration, and enhanced user experience. Please bear with us as we work hard at re-building all products. We will update each product as it becomes available.

Multi-Channel EMG Systems

The most affordable, technically advanced, multi-channel EMG systems available!

With a range of EMG System packages, Motion Lab Systems offers the best value for a complete EMG System at an affordable price. Our range of EMG Systems and accessories continue to feature the unrivaled data integrity and high quality performance our customers have come to expect and our competitive prices make excellence affordable to everyone. We offer systems from the introductory priced MA300-XII system with 8 EMG channels, though to our high performance MA400-28 system with 16 EMG channels, 8 event channels, and 4 auxilary channels for goniometers plus seperate high pass and low pass filter. All our EMG systems are available as high reliability cabled systems or can be upgraded to high performance Radio Telemetry systems with identical performance.

Motion Lab Systems designs and builds reliable, research quality, multi-channel EMG systems for use either as a stand-alone EMG systems with any suitable ADC, or with any motion capture system.

Our multi-channel electromyography systems connect directly to and work with 3D data collection systems from Bioengineering Technology & Systems, Charnwood Dynamics, Innovative Sports Training, Kwon3D, Motion Analysis Corporation, Northern Digital, Phoenix Technologies, Polhemus, Qualisys, and Vicon Motion Systems to name only a few. Motion Lab Systems has a reputation for customer support and service that is unrivaled in the Biomechanics, EMG, FES. Research, and Gait industries.

Our EMG systems may be used independently to record EMG, event switch and other signals. The exceptional quality of our instrumentation allows the user to collect clean signals, analyze the data and produce reports quickly and efficiently. In addition to EMG systems, Motion Lab Systems offers EMG preamplifiers as well as a wide range of data analysis/display software, quality assurance and calibration control devices for use in any Gait Analysis Lab or Motion Analysis Laboratory.

Motion Lab Systems is a leading supporter of the C3D file standard and supports the exchange and interchange of data between different systems using both C3D and the CAMARC DST formats. We offer a wide range of 32/64-bit compatible software for C3D and CAMARC files including EMG Analysis, EMG graphing, C3D file editors, file viewers and free C3D program development software, as well as ASCII data export software for C3D and GCD files.